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Construction & Development

Ideas and projects are exciting. Nevertheless, it is possible to be so consumed by the deep excitement and creativity to the degree that one loses track of important details needed to successfully fulfill the expectations of the project. That is when we step in.

We are experts in entitlements, strategies and procedures for real estate projects, businesses and general construction. We have the know-how to establish the correct structure and logistics for a successful development team to work efficiently, all while being integrated by various professionals with different specialties, with diverse point of views and even from different countries to form a general perspective that provides efficient results in the licensing process, prevents legal problems, provides fiscal benefits and economic savings as well as integral coordination between all levels and phases of a real estate development - preliminary project, licensing, construction, condominium/subdivision structuring and organization, marketing and sales closing -   which is key to translate into a successful business development; all while sticking to the envisioners end-goal.

We are distinctively experienced with the set up of legal structure for complex real estate developments, condominiums, prestigious culinary centers, restaurants, and boutique hotels.

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