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Real Estate Law

20+ Years of Experience

Having originally started as the sole focus of Lex Advisors' law practice, Real Estate Law continues to be the most solicited service provided by us.

Lex Advisors has aided to close high-priced homes all over the Baja and the  West Coast of Mexico.

In synergy with our other Real Estate related services, such as notary services, appraisals, title searches and entitlements, we provide one of the most whole and complete Real Estate legal aids you can find, always keeping in mind the legal and taxation consequences of the methodology we use for when and if you sell.

Having helped close well over 3 billion dollars in homes alone over the last 20+ years, Lex Advisors continues to assess each and every case with outmost reliability and transparency. 

In synergy with our other complementing services, we have conducted numerous Due Diligences for large developer groups of complex lots and compounds.

We have been the go-to firm for the best Real Estate Agencies and other law firms throughout Mexico for high end businesses in Baja, and we seek to continue elevate the standards in this service.


If there is one thing we know, it is how to acquire a home. We are confident we can help you.

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