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Mediation, Conciliation & Other ADR´s

We are firm believers in non-adversarial approaches to solutions. Any dispute has the potential to become an escalating problem, which may compromise one´s agenda, reputation and financial stance. Unwillingly imposed solutions are definitely second to voluntarily reached solutions. ADR´s will often provide parties with a less expensive, more expeditious, and more satisfactory end to problems than normal litigation.


We can provide with personalized assessments and consultations on the reach of ADR´s; as experts in the area we understand the scope and technical limitations that these procedures may represent.

When acting as mediators and conciliators, we will do so with the ultimate level of fairness and professionalism in order to not strain the relationship between the parties any further and reach an amicable agreement between them.

One of our partners is a certified mediator and may act as an federal arbitrator.

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