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Rights & Entitlement

Securing timely governmental permit approvals may prove to be a complicated feat in any country; Mexico is not the exception.

Lex Advisors Land Use, Entitlements and Zoning group has an unmatched record of efficiently securing permit approvals needed to begin a development project in the Baja. We are content to state that we do not just stop at securing permitting, but also perform well in timing to secure it, as any delay may harm the whole project itself. Our experience in land use and entitlement legal services spans all types of projects - from simple re-zonings to complex permitting issues affecting real estate and commercial land.

We serve as critical partners to our clients, providing uniquely informed counsel and offering value beyond the close of a transaction. We accomplish that through our long-standing, established connections with key state and municipal and Federal  officials, giving our clients unrivalled access and perspective on developing and existing policies.

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