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Tax Law

Governments around the world are consistently pursuing public policies that demand more of the taxpayer from any way you look at it.


Tax revenue expectations from the government towards the corporate world is increasing exponentially; this, coupled with the complex technicalities of procedures and formalities of the tax system, may be a stress generating factor for entities seeking to strive in the modern corporate world.

Regardless of whether the subject at hand is a globally consolidated business or a newly innovated start-up, every modern business structure requires of thoughtful know-how and understanding of the complex and ever-changing tides of the taxation world. In synergy with our other services, we can help you navigate these waters in a practical and effective demeanor.

We have lawyers with the practical experience required for you to design the structure of your business according to your goals. We are experts on interpretation and application of tax treaties, FATCA, CRS and BEPS measures to promote cross border tax compliance to produce substantial business results.


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