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Employment Law

How a company plans the allocation and strategy of the human workforce is key as to how it will have an impact on the perception and returns of the business. It will also prove to be crucial in the case there is a fallout between the employer and the employee. It is the only area of practice in which we do litigate.

We understand how important employment rights are for both the employer and the employee, so we assess both companies and employees in the planning of what can be a very fructiferous relationship. In synergy with our other services, such as corporate and tax law, we can provide you with a most complete service within this area, competent to do corporate restructurings and labour reassessments.

In the case there is a fallout of the relationship between employer and employee, we can provide assistance with more adversarial needs for either party. We are educated and experienced in the area of human rights law and labour law.

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